As part of the Global Lighting Challenge, Canada will take an active role in promoting high-efficiency and high-quality lighting products. The potential to reduce energy consumption from lighting in Canada is estimated to be approximately 12 terawatt hours (out of a total about 50 terawatt hours used for lighting a year). Natural Resources Canada will collaborate with national and international stakeholders to develop and implement high-efficiency lighting policies, initiatives and standards to realize this potential. In particular, Canada will:

  • Seek commitments from commercial and institutional organisations to procure high-efficiency and high-quality lighting; and
  • Seek opportunities to collaborate with federal, provincial, territorial and municipal authorities on public procurement opportunities.

To complement these commitments activities, Canada will continue to:

  • Leverage the ENERGY STAR brand to promote efficient lighting to consumers and organisations through existing and new media channels;
  • Work with ENERGY STAR partners, including manufacturers, retailers and provincial electric utilities, to increase the market share of high-efficiency and high-quality lighting products;
  • Work in collaboration with partners to generate and facilitate access to qualified products lists that simplify procurement decisions, including the ENERGY STAR® Product Finder Tool and the Design Lights Consortium Qualified Product List of high efficiency, commercial sector lighting solutions; and
  • Develop, maintain and promote a high efficiency lighting procurement Web portal, which demonstrates the economic and environmental benefits of high-efficiency lighting products; and links to tools such as calculators, qualified product lists and purchasing guides.

Target groups: Consumers; Commercial and Institutional Organizations.


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