State policy

Transfer to energy efficient lighting was legislatively identified as one of the priorities of state energy saving policy at the federal level (the Federal Law of November 23, 2009 #261-FZ).

Technical regulation – 1st  stage

         Starting from January 01, 2011  legislative ban on circulation of  incandescent lamps 100W and greater has been in force,  procurement of incandescent lamps of any power is not permitted for state and municipal requirements. (the Federal Law of November 23, 2009 #261-FZ). 

In 2013 the Government of the Russian Federation approved “Action Plan to Phase-Out Incandescent Lamps in Russia and to Promote Demand for Energy Efficient Light Sources” (Government Executive Order of October 28, 2013 #1973-р)

Technical regulation – 2nd  stage

In 2015-2016  significant additional efforts were made to contribute to  technical regulation in the sphere of lamps and lighting fixtures circulation as well as to popularization of  efficient light sources. The efforts were initiated by the Ministry of Energy  of the Russian Federation and efficiently supported by UNDP:

Since July 01, 2016 priority requirements of energy efficiency has been established for the  lamps and fixtures purchased for state and municipal needs. The requirements ensure transfer to LED sources in public sector (Government Decree of August 28, 2015 #№ 898)

Since January 01, 2017 these requirements has been extended to state and municipal unitary enterprises (the Federal Law of July 03, 2016 #321-FZ)

Organizations subject to regulation  are obliged to increase the share of LED lighting up to 75% by 2020 with interim targets for 2017-2019 (Government Decree of September 27, 2016 #971)

Since January 01, 2018 new requirements of energy efficiency will be mandatory  for  buildings and constructions. The requirements stipulate  transfer to LED lighting in  residential areas and in the areas with long periods of lamps performance (Government Decree of March 07, 2017 #275)


A mass campaign is conducted  to raise awareness on benefits of energy efficient lighting (festival #VmesteYarche) http://вместеярче.рф In 2016 tens of thousands  of citizens signed petition to support transfer to energy efficient lighting.


Measures  undertaken within the framework of state policy  resulted in significant increase of LED lamps  share during the last 5 years.   It is expected that the share  LED lamps sales will continue to grow  in the  next years.



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