The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) supports the Global Lighting Challenge with several activities on national level. The following pillars are supposed to help reducing energy consumption of Switzerland from lighting (8 TWh) in half during the next few years.


Switzerland has adapted three EU ecodesign regulations (MEPS) and one energy labelling regulation for lighting. These measures support LED development significantly, and, for example, allow for the continued transformation of the market by replacing old halogen technology with LEDs between 2016 and 2018.

Competitive tenders for electricity efficiency “ProKilowatt”

The program “ProKilowatt” was developed to promote measures contributing to a more efficient electricity consumption. It uses competitive tenders to get the most energy savings for the public funds invested. This includes e.g. replacing outdated streetlighting systems with sensor-driven LED systems. From the total budget (2016: CHF 45Mio), about 25% are invested in lighting measures.

Information and Education

Through its action program “SwissEnergy”, SFOE supports various measures for sensibilisation, information and education:

  • Specific websites for different stakeholders to encourage the use of high-efficient LED. for architects and lighting designers, for communities and for consumers and small enterprises.
  • Organisation of the EnergyDay – an event to raise awareness on peoples power consumption and to inform how the save energy without sacrificing performance. Retailers, manufacturers and municipalities support this event.
  • Free trainings for retailers and shop assistants on ErP and energy efficiency. 
  • Financial support to enable courses in lighting design for linguistic minorities.
  • Collaborations with communities for presentations or technical support on lighting at local activities.


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