United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is keen to play an important role within the Global Lighting Challenge by replacing conventional lighting systems in the federal network roads with advanced light-emitting diode technology. The aim is to reduce the amount of energy consumed in lighting and lower carbon dioxide emissions. Large efforts are already in place to replace conventional lighting in the UAE with high efficiency LED lights.

The UAE is working on replacing all conventional lighting along its 710 km of federal road network installing a total of 30,810 LED light fixtures. In the emirate of Dubai, a program is being implemented to replace 75% of existing street and park lights with LED by 2030, while the emirate of Abu Dhabi has already replaced a total of 6,274 fixtures by 2014 achieving an average reduction in lighting consumption of over 80%, and is aiming to continue replacing all the city’s inner sector roads.

Business Development

  • Close collaboration with ESCO through opening up new markets for energy services leading to the development of the energy services market that defines and develops opportunities for energy efficiency improvement and conservation of energy. An example of this is the ‘Federal Buildings Retrofitting Program’ which is carried out by the UAE government to reduce energy consumption of federal buildings while showcasing potential of retrofitting.

Sale and deployment

  • Work with suppliers to offer a wide range of LED and other energy-efficient lighting solutions that comply with the new UAE national regulations for lighting products that can help reduce lighting consumption for consumers, businesses and municipalities.
  • Work on enhancing public and private sector partnerships by conducting energy efficiency projects that will boost opportunities to increase energy efficiency through upgrading to LED lighting technology.
  • Close collaboration with retailers to deploy energy labeled LED lights that are certified by the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology and offer discount on prices to encourage the end-users.


  • Engage with local government entities and private companies about Energy Savings Performance Contracts which guarantee energy savings in lighting upgrades.
  • Work within ESCO to promote the optimal use of energy, improve the energy efficiency market and retrofit federal buildings in UAE which include educational, health, religious facilities and administrative buildings.
  • Several projects by the government to replace outdoor lighting with more efficient fixtures.
  • Work closely with private sector through launching efficient lighting awareness campaigns to promote the use of LED lights and increased energy efficiency.
  • Working on enhancing energy efficiency in buildings through green building codes such as the Green Building - Regulations & Specifications in Dubai, and the Estidama Pearl Rating System in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Target groups

  • Government entities, individual households and public and private commercial sectors.


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