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The City of Hamilton’s Corporate Energy Policy, first adopted in 2007 and revised in 2014 is the governing framework on targeting energy reduction for all City-owned assets. The Policy calls for energy intensity reduction targets of 45% in 2030 and 60% by 2050 relative to a base year of 2005. Energy Intensity, measured in equivalent kilowatt-hours per square foot, is reported annually. The Energy Policy is also integral to the success of meeting the environmental emission targets adopted by 80% reduction in Green House Gas emissions by 2050. Several specific Policy Actions designed to facilitate the achievement of City-wide energy and emission reduction targets include, but are not limited to GHG Emissions, Reporting and Protocol; Energy Efficient Equipment; Incentive/Funding Programs; Building Automation Systems; and Energy Efficient Lighting.


In 2015 the City undertook several additional energy efficient lighting replacements. LED’s were incorporated in a number of City facilities including 13 Aquatic Centres and 2 Auto Parkades with 14 levels of parking. Additional facility lighting upgrade projects are currently being evaluated and as per the Energy Policy will incorporate energy efficient lighting systems including LED technology in Arena’s, Fire Stations and additional Recreation Centres.

The City of Hamilton will convert its street lighting portfolio to LED. In 2015 alone 10,300 luminaires were replaced with LED. A further 4-phase replacement project will replace 27,000 luminaires between 2016 and 2019. This effort will help meet energy reduction targets and reduce emissions for its City- owned assets. 


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