Global BrightLight Foundation


The Global BrightLight Foundation (GBF) is committed to providing affordable off-grid solar energy solutions to improve the education, economic opportunities, health, safety and quality of life of people living in rural communities that currently lack access to electricity. During 2016, GBF will distribute 7,000 solar lanterns and solar home systems, bringing affordable LED lighting technology and cell phone charging capabilities to families living in remote off-grid communities in Guatemala and Peru through a unique social enterprise model. The Global BrightLight Foundation shares the United Nation’s Sustainable Energy for All Initiative’s goal of achieving universal energy access by 2030.


Between 2011 and 2015, the Global BrightLight Foundation (GBF) has distributed over 70,000 lanterns around the world, reducing reliance on less efficient and dirtier fuel sources such as kerosene and candles and enabling improved communication through remote cell phone charging. GBF has completed projects in Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, Nepal, Haiti, Argentina, and Bolivia and has launched sustainable and scalable social enterprises in Guatemala and Peru.

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