KoEnergies is an Energy Service Company and below you will see what we are doing to reduce your CO2 emissions.

Playing Our Part:

As part of the Global Lighting Challenge, KoEnergies is committed to replacing 350,000 commercial lighting fixtures with LEDs by 2020.  

The Global and Irish Challenge:

Energy costs have increased dramatically in Ireland in the last decade and the amounts being paid to energy providers, it’s becoming a big issue for everybody commercial and residential. It is becoming a barrier for new and existing businesses and moto is “Saving Energy Building Comfort”, whether that is new businesses, jobs, and helping the overall Irish economy grow.  We want our customers to be comfortable in choosing LEDs and other energy saving products as listed below.

As UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said “With these elements in place, markets now have the clear signal they need to unleash the full force of human ingenuity and scale up investments that will generate low-emissions, resilient growth," adding that "what was once unthinkable has now become unstoppable”

The Plan of Action:

KoEnergies offers commercial lighting as a service to SME businesses. We install new LED lighting at no up-front cost to the customer, we can provide this in a number way, over a EPC over 3 or 4 years or a buyout whichever is easiest for the customer.

We also provide a number of other products for reducing energy and eliminating the misuse of energy, Curb is our monitoring device, with our exclusive rights to it in the Ireland and UK market. We have a device for monitoring fridges and freezers, while also provide a HACCP reading for retailers or are obliged under law to do this. Our last product but not least is smart things, the automatic and mobile ability to turn on and off lights, TVs, alarms and CCTV cameras.

We want to reduce your CO2 emissions, Irelands CO2 Emissions, Europe’s CO2 emissions and the worlds CO2 emissions. We are doing our part and we want you to do yours, simply contact us. 


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