As a leading provider in the global lighting industry, LEDVANCE values environmental stewardship as a fundamental part of our business ethic that helps guide our strategic decisions. We increasingly use fewer natural resources, save energy in our manufacturing, reduce power plant emissions, and recycle lamps and other materials to ultimately avoid adding millions of pounds of waste each year to landfills.

And our commitment extends to our customers, as well, by helping them save energy and reduce their carbon footprints.  Lighting accounts for approximately 15 % of the worldwide consumption of electricity and a considerable proportion of global carbon emissions. We can significantly reduce this by replacing inefficient technologies with more sustainable products like energy-saving LED lamps that are 90% more efficient today than standard incandescent technology.  Our innovative smart technology and connected lighting provide more personal control to use light where and when it’s needed, further reducing electricity waste.

We’re committed to the mission of the Global Lighting Challenge and have set a goal to sell 2.5 billion energy-efficient LED lamps by 2023.  In doing so, we can reduce the energy consumption – and associated carbon emissions -- typically produced by 75 medium coal-fired power plants. 


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